Olivia was born and raised on the Southwest side of Chicago, IL. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Lewis University in Romeoville, IL in 2012 and moved to Michigan State University to pursue a Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemistry with a focus on biocompatible nanomaterial synthesis.

Olivia decided to become an educator as an undergraduate student after recognizing the discrepancy between learning objectives and assessments. Using evidence-based instructional methods, Olivia has aimed to resolve this discrepancy for her students throughout her time as a graduate teaching assistant. The broader inequities persistent within higher education captured her interest, leading her to pursue a career focused on improving professional and career development of early career scholars and professionals.

As a co-founder of ACS Women in Chemistry 2.0 and a Graduate Leadership Fellow, Olivia has addressed gender inequities manifest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics graduate programs (STEM). She has  connecting existing communities of student scientists spanning different colleges at MSU and established spaces and conversations where students can share their experiences, known as the Graduate Academic Women’s Forum (GradAWF).