Art and Design

  • A card sits on top of a wooden tabletop between a small succulent to the left and a black Pilot G2 pen on the right. The card, sitting atop a white envelope, shows a horizontal bar graph with an x-axis labeled "Awesomeness" and a y-axis labeled "People." Seven bars extend to the right side of the card from their origin at the y-axis, with the words "You are statistically significant" written in white all caps on the bars. The longest bar has an asterisk to the right of it.
  • A circular holographic sticker sits on top of an open page of an organic chemistry book. The sticker has a black outline encompassing a holographic outline of a black circle. Within the circle, holographic lowercase letters show the phrase "science is for everyone."
  • A die cut sticker sits to the right of a sprig of baby's breath flowers on a wooden butcher block surface. The sticker is black with thin white writing that says "be kind to yourself."

© Olivia at Home Art 2016 and Positively Reframed Co. 2019

Olivia at Home Art

Olivia’s love of sending cards as a way of connecting with people transformed during graduate school. After attending the dissertation defense of a friend, Olivia scribbled together a drawing and made it into a card for them. As more friends defended their dissertations, more cards were made, each one unique and full of appreciation and admiration for the people who have the dedication it takes to complete a graduate degree. 

Sharing these designs with the world via Olivia at Home began in 2016. 

Positively Reframed Co.

Positively Reframed Co., a collaboration with a friend and creative partner, opened in 2018 and shines a light on mental health and wellness.