Awards and Affiliations

MSU Graduate Leadership Fellow 2018
ACS Women in Chemistry at MSU 2018
Iota Sigma Pi National Honor Society 2018
Graduate Women in Science 2018
MSU Chemistry Department Excellence in Teaching Outstanding Award 2016
Taita Chemical Company & Otto Cheng Endowed Fellowship 2016
Carl H. Brubaker, Jr. Endowed Fellowship in Chemical Sciences 2016
Thomas J. Pinnavaia Endowed Fellowship in Chemical Sciences 2016
American Chemical Society 2012
MSU Chemistry Department Early Start Graduate Fellowship 2012
Lewis University Department of Chemistry Departmental Achievement Award 2012
Lewis University Distinguished Scholar’s Diploma 2012
Lewis University SURE Fellowship 2011
Delta Epsilon Sigma National Honor Society 2010
Girl Scout Gold Award 2009
International Baccalaureate Diploma 2008
Girl Scout Silver Award 2007